High School

High School Dance Packages

High School Dance Packages

Our Club Jockey’s AKA Dj Bellsy, DJ Peanut and MC J-Lee will provide you with hours of non-stop, chart topping, energizing music of yesterday, today and tomorrow all flawlessly mixed seamlessly together to create one high energy filled show. Heart pounding bass, clear crisp dynamic highs, throw in some of today’s wildest lighting shows and you have one sick dance.  As well, depending on the package. we will throw in numerous give a ways such as movie passes, compact discs, ITunes gift cards just to name a few. If you haven’t had one of Platinum Music’s high school dance packages. Book now and we will offer you an unbeatable first time booking deal.

Platinum Package I –  Dj Peanut and Mc J-Lee will be spinning the wheels of steel playing today’s top club tunes. An unbelievable 4500 watts of audio, capable of audiences up to 100 people, will have all in attendance shaking in their boots. Last but not least. 4 Martin intelligent lights will be moving to the beat of the music. 8 LED par cans along with 2 Martin EFX effect lights and a fog machine round out this package designed for smaller schools.

Package I – 4 Hours, 4500 watt audio, small lighting package. Price $

Package I – 4 Hours, 4500 watt audio, Medium Lighting package. -Price $

Platinum Package II – Also known as the “GLOW Package” Dj Bellsy, MC J-lee will be spinning the Hot Pink wheels of steel for this crazy Glow themed dance. Today’s chart toppers along with some classic party songs pumping through a crazy 6000 watts of clean crisp highs and heart pounding lows! To make all in attendance stand out, we will have 10 monster black lights strategically placed around the room. Your friends will see your teeth glow from across the room as you enter the gymnasium. Add in 8 martin computerized scanners that will move to the beat. Add in 2 fun factors and 2 sweeps and you have quite the show. Remember, it’s not all about the show but all about the GLOW! We will also through in numerous give aways as well as a minimum of 50 neon coloured glow necklaces. Put on your bright white’s and neon colors as this show is for you.

Package II – 3 hours, 6000 watts audio,  Price $

Package II – 4 hours, 6000 watts audio,  Price $

Platinum Package III – The Platinum Laser Show has been described as sick.  Includes four hours of continuous non-stop entertainment with three of Platinum Music Services experienced disc jockeys spinning the wheels of steel. A professional 16000 watt sound system including 4 bass bins and matching highs, capable of up to 400 people. Our massive intelligent lighting package which features 20 feet of trussing filled with 12 awesome, night club like intelligent lights. Package includes 12 par cans to provide flood color, 4 martin sweeps, and 2 martin blades. All these lights will provide a mouth dropping special effect lighting. Last but not least, 8 ultra-cool lasers. Package also comes with fog or haze. If you have never experience one of Platinum Music Laser Shows, you so don’t know what you are missing. Book now and experience the show of a lifetime.

Package III – 4 Hours, 16000 watt audio, large laser show. Price $

Package IV  –4 Hours of today’s best club tunes with DJ Peanut, Dj Shadoe and hype man MC J-Lee will have everyone screaming for more all night long. To start off, with a pumping 20000 watts will fill the room with clean, crisp highs and bass booming lows. Now for the best part. 80′ of trussing filled with 6 ultra-cool lasers in various colors, green, red and blue shooting beams of light throughout the room in various lighting patterns. Patterns such as color fans, time and space tunnels and fairy flowers just to name a few. These lasers are simply sick. Packaged in with the lasers are 12 martin intelligent lights. 4 martin sweeps, 4 blizzard 280 watt high powered moving heads on top of 6’ trussing peaks. 12 LED par cans and a few other goodies that we pull out of the tickle trunk. Fog with this lighting package is a must, so we include not one but two foggers.

Package IV – 4 Hours, 20000 watt audio, Laser Show Price $

Video Dance Parties

Are you tired of the same lame old Video Dance Parties? Well look no further. This is the Ultimate in Dance Video Shows. Comes in either Single or Double Video Screen Show. 4 hours of today’s newest upbeat hip hop, top 40, dance and club videos, projected on a monstrous 9 X 12 Video Screen. Using today’s technology, each video is mixed into each video producing one seamless never ending song, much like you find in today’s hottest nightclubs. Now let’s cut to the beef. 16000 watts of crisp clear highs and bass booming lows will have everyone busting a move all night long. Lighting is second to none. 12 Martin intelligent lights strewn over 40 feet of trussing, keeping pace with every bass beat. If the 12 martin intelligent lights don’t grab your attention, then the 4 awesome lasers will. Yes that is right, 4 awesome lasers. Included as well are a multiple of black lights and strobe lights making for one wicked light show. Included is fog or haze. Throw into the mix. Free giveaways and one of Platinum’s Hottest Club Vj’s. This will be the Ultimate Video Dance Show that will have everyone talking for months thereafter!

Single Video/Large Light  Price$

Double Video/Large Light Price $

Triple Video/Large Light Price $

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